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How many of us have really experienced or experience discipleship in our contemporary experience?
Doctrines of creation, anthropology, and the Spirit-empowered mission animate Self's theological reflection if for no other reason than that they are a backdrop to the foregrounding of an account of Christian discipleship later in the book.
The all-or-nothing quality of this proposition brings home to us both the demands of Christian discipleship and the power of its witness when it is authentic.
He is also very rigid and specific about what it means to be a disciple, so the book could have limited appeal beyond those who agree this approach to active discipleship is the only way to be a serious disciple of Jesus.
The call is to joy, but to a deep joy that is rooted in the cost of discipleship.
He said: "We want to hear views on three key elements of congregational life - worship, witness and discipleship.
This premise follows upon an Anabaptist understanding of the gospel that, for instance, does not mandate peace for its own sake but invokes images of creative, nonviolent discipleship and communal scriptural study as essentials of a Jesus-centered faith.
By [the mission's] own admission," AU asserted, "the Discipleship Program depends heavily upon the State for participants and, in return, provides the State with a free residential program.
There will be no safe place; discipleship is not a picnic.
Extending discipleship (six weeks to whet our appetite for being a lifelong Christian learner)
Compiled by the Roundtable Association of Diocesan Social Action Directors, the texts cover a variety of individual or corporate needs--prayers for peace, discipleship, the dignity of work and the rights of workers, the preferential option for the poor, the care of God's creation, and holy days, holidays, and feast days.
Enhanced with the addition of a CD-ROM of resources for worship (including all of the worship resources recorded in the book, plus contemplative images and more than 100 additional pages worth of Sacred Scriptures taken from contemporary Bible Translations on praise, thanksgiving, confession, forgiveness, marriage, benediction, salvation, discipleship, and more), "Reinventing Worship" is most especially recommended to the attention of those Christian communities and their ministers seeking to reinvigorate and renew the spiritual commitment of their congregations.