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Samples from five randomly selected discolorations were taken using sterile metal curettes and stored in plastic containers with 1 mL of deionized water.
The incidence of pigmented discoloration in study patients was 6%, as calculated using the formula: (number of patients with tooth discolorations/total number of examined patients) x 100.
There are several studies on discoloration of the composite resins [2,3,5], but the enamel color changes due to etching process itself have not been investigated.
The aim of the present study was to evaluate etched enamel discoloration followed by immediate or delayed exposure to cola.
Key Words: Devitalized tooth, Tooth discoloration, Bleaching agents, Tooth bleaching techniques
A 25 year old male patient reported to our department of oral medicine and radiology, with a complaint of discoloration of teeth since childhood.
This relation is the opposite for logs with curvature and discoloration.
Select botanicals and marine extracts within The Body Lotion diminish the appearance of minor discolorations that can accompany ageing.
Collectively, kernel discolorations are caused by insects and pathogens (Fulton, 1908; Douglas and Tullis, 1950), or are now thought to be caused by physiological disorders (i.
Overall, discolorations in wood during kiln-drying have been ascribed to many phenomena.
2]) is caused by the production of hydroxyl radicals and expected to enhance the discoloration rate [5,6].