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The occasional shout of "good on yer Sheikh," from the crowd did not appear to discomfit him at all.
That embodiments of difference still discomfit some gallerygoers is evidence that we have a long way to go.
Mining the Sky ends with a call for humanity to expand throughout the entire galaxy, creating a population of countless quintillions; Lewis's sheer maximalism may discomfit even some space enthusiasts.
He does not respond to negotiation, nor does the threat of war with its resultant loss of life and bloodshed appear to discomfit him.
Whether this discomfits car insurers is absolutely not an issue.
Pressure for human rights discomfits oppressors, encourages their victims and, in the long run, makes the world safer.
To feel shame is something that hardly crosses the minds of Americans or that discomfits their conscience.
Even though the drawdown will be "conditions based," McCain believes that such unnecessary specificity encourages our enemies and discomfits our allies.