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I think it's very cruel of you to laugh, George," she said, looking particularly unhappy; but George only laughed the more at her piteous and discomfited mien, persisted in thinking the joke a most diverting one, and when Miss Sharp came downstairs, bantered her with a great deal of liveliness upon the effect of her charms on the fat civilian.
You will lunch at the Milan with Lucille, and I shall retire discomfited to eat alone at my club.
Gradgrind was extremely discomfited by this unexpected question.
Mr Dorrit, discomfited by finding that he was the questioned instead of the questioner, applied himself to the reversal of that unexpected order of things.
The artistic taste of some unknown hatter had furnished him with a hatband of wholesale capacity which was fluted behind, from the crown of his hat to the brim, and terminated in a black bunch, from which the imagination shrunk discomfited and the reason revolted.
If Miss Tonks - to be consistent - was guilty of any failing in this particular area, it was that, in the middle of an interview that clearly discomfited her, she seemed unable to recall the first names of the jockeys involved.
Films about anti-Semitism discomfited them ("Why drag all that up again?
The remarkable thing is that neither performers nor listeners seem discomfited by a musical language very much at odds with what we normally expect from 'opera'.
This is where a buzzy animal could easily be discomfited by the huge cheers, but Empire Maker, reputed to be easily stirred up, is as quiet as a lamb.
The airlines rule out women with birthmarks on their wrists, as passengers might be discomfited by the sight.
Either scenario would not have much discomfited Labour, whose private polling shows that Davis, Cameron and Rifkind enjoy little public profile outside of the rarefied atmosphere of the Tory benches in the House of Commons and would be unlikely to make much headway at the next General Election against a resurgent Government led by Gordon Brown.
The more somber townspeople are discomfited, and take away all the music.