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Discomfortingly, confidence that there will not be a major economic, geopolitical and societal disruption is quite low, indicating the need for greater all-round checks and balances.
Think "Travis Bickle: Mall Cop" and you'll have some idea of what to expect from "Observe and Report," writer-director Jody Hill's shockingly and sometimes discomfortingly funny comedy about an unstable security guard who views himself as vigilant protector--and, occasionally, avenging angel--while patrolling a suburban shopping mall.
It is not too much to say that Itamar Levi's controversial book Agadat Ha'agamim Ha'atsuvim (1990) discomfortingly pushed the parameters of post-Auschwitz aesthetic representations, in essence re-defining and resisting generic boundaries.
The Goldsmiths' Company deserves praise for this serious and beautiful exhibition, since such an ambitious proposal is likely to have been rejected by most English museums as too rarefied or too academic, and its presentation considered discomfortingly theatrical.
In the Beginning was also given an exemplary reading, although I must confess to finding Copland's musical approach to the Genesis text a little too deferential (how differently Britten would have tackled it), and in this performance the strong vibrato and tight upper register of mezzo soloist Diana Moore became discomfortingly intrusive.
We share these confrontations with the narrator/artist who comes to reveal an evolving complex persona struggling with the unsettling implications of a series of irresolvable contemporary dilemmas: the relationship between sexuality and destruction; the appalling implications of the appeal of violence and the wellspring urges we share to do injury to others; the deception of appearances and the discomfortingly speedy process by which the familiar morphs into the strange; and above all the role--and challenge--of the artist whose inspiration and vision necessarily derive from shadowy and forbidding interior realms where we are ultimately most (in)human.
Yet these words also discomfortingly imply that the daughter represents a mere extension--and thus possession--of the father's ego, thereby diminishing her individual identity.
Lynas saw houses in Alaska sunken into the thawing ground, angled discomfortingly and bizarrely on sinking foundations.