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If every thing that went wrong, if every vanity or weakness in another gave us a sensible pang, it would be hard indeed: but as long as the disagreeableness of the consequences of a sudden disaster is kept out of sight by the immediate oddity of the circumstances, and the absurdity or unaccountableness of a foolish action is the most striking thing in it, the ludicrous prevails over the pathetic, and we receive pleasure instead of pain from the farce of life which is played before us, and which discomposes our gravity as often as it fails to move our anger or our pity
The purpose of syntax is to compose, but your syntax, in many instances, discomposes.
Beckett's text thus implicates and discomposes the specular reader who is drawn into the trapped characters' urgent but misguided response to the epistemological questions that foreground the quest--where?