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Their mutual friends, however, are politely disconcerted whenever Marie speaks of her husband in the present tense.
Perhaps because Meisel recently took up residence in LA, it seems he wants to understand what's mesmerizing and hysterical about being so disconcerted, and what the city has to do with it: This certainly isn't East Coast blueblood, but it's not simply LA glamour run amok either.
I AM VENEZUELAN AND I HAVE TO SAY THAT I am very disconcerted by LATIN TRADE'S constant attack on Venezuela and its government.
Although the three acts are very different from each other, they are constructed much like a nineteenth-century ballet--a homage to the Royal Ballet's heritage that disconcerted spectators anticipating a modern ballet.
We are also very disconcerted to learn that the USGA is traveling down a similar path with regard to potential changes in the rules and procedures as they relate to golf ball testing, once again without any real opportunity for manufacturers to participate in the process.