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Real and apparent dangers are less disconcerting than those which we imagine, and only the gods of his people knew how much Tibo imagined.
As your roads bear no very good character, if I may judge from my son's mishap, though,' said Mr Chester, 'and as I have no fancy to be knocked on the head--which is not only disconcerting at the moment, but places one, besides, in a ridiculous position with respect to the people who chance to pick one up--I shall stop here to-night.
IT is a bit disconcerting when the Les Hortons of the world come out categorically and say "I will never buy property in Bahrain" - disconcerting since he is a Press man - and expats like us who are on the verge of sinking some hard-earned money into the property market in Bahrain are now thinking, what does he know?
Limmy's direct-to-camera interruptions are disconcerting, but awesome.
Disconcerting penalty: Linebacker Rey Maualuga helped set up Nebraska's touchdown with a rarely called "disconcerting" penalty.
Especially when you consider that the human body has harmonics and resonances it finds pleasing, others it finds disconcerting, and still more that fall under a number of descriptors ranging from "great" to "awful.
It was disconcerting to find that when money is on the table everybody fights harder to get the piece of it.
Datz brings to life the morbid fascination Ivy has with both the curse and the practice of taxidermy as a way to keep alive the unconditional and disconcerting love she has for her mother.
Combine these disconcerting trends with the loss of regular physical education programs in public schools and you have a recipe, so to speak, for an obesity epidemic among the nation's youth.
The new findings are "illuminating and disconcerting," says psychiatrist David R.
Unlike the politically oriented artist collective Bernadette Corporation, in whose work an editorial voice is easy to locate, Meckseper's image-vacuum made for a far more disconcerting experience.
Others would argue that the truth can be present in any collection of sources, however confusing and that being disconcerting is only a problem with people untrained in historical method.