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But the method may be more disconcerting when it deals with a visible human character; the suspension of disbelief is of a different order.
But it's a bit disconcerting for my family that it happened at that time of evening.
But when such criticism comes from the inside, it's particularly disconcerting.
Most disconcerting are his descriptions of the role early park leaders like John Muir, Horace Albright, and Stephen Mather played in removing native Americans from the parks and the tacit support of organizations like the National Parks Association, Sierra Club, and National Geographic Society.
Images of the Magdalene--from the Middle Ages to the present-- as a beautiful young woman in a state of partial or total nudity are disconcerting to many modern believers and commentators.
Though at moments engaging, the essay proves disconcerting on the whole.
Whenever a storefront or signage is so aesthetically disconcerting that you don't even bother looking up to see the rest of the building, that's a classic example of visual pollution," asserted Sokolski.
Don Warrington's West Indian accent is disconcerting for a few moments, but he finds his stride and is an especially effective Othello when he turns from the awkward, tentative newlywed of the first act into a general, becoming a complex man of anger and action whose pathos and passion are convincing.
Dare one characterize Sonnier as a witty formalist, distilling, fine-tuning, and (with no loss of drama) softening the disconcerting contrasts that define abstract art?
Some odd style choices--not italicizing ship names; using the British form of squadron address; and seldom providing a person's rank--are disconcerting.
Johnson's fascination with nihilism and Nazi ideology, and his praise of war ruins and embedded violence as an exciting form of aesthetics, is at least as disconcerting.