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3) Disconnectable Turret: Anchorage system which enables the FPSO to be detached and towed away in the event of an approaching hurricane.
The activity includes starting from detailed requirements specifications and an existing space qualified connector: - a trade off on the motorised disconnectable function - the detailed design and the bread board - the environmental tests and a lifetime test of this breadboard.
The new build FPSO was ordered to operate in deep water (>350 metres) with a disconnectable double-skinned hull to comply with the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships.
A turret with a disconnectable buoy will allow the FPSO vessel to weathervane in normal conditions and to disconnect from the well system and sail to safe areas in the event of adverse weather conditions.
Launch Control, with fully disconnectable ESC and traction control, is also part of the package.
The FPSO will be moored with a disconnectable turret buoy providing full weathervaning capability.
4 Disconnectable Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) 2.
BMG production has been reduced by ongoing unscheduled downtime due to a failed FPSO thruster requiring a drydock repair, and more recently, repair of the disconnectable turret mooring.
The vessel entered dry-dock in April for thruster repairs and maintenance, with the program extending into May to allow repairs to be effected also to the disconnectable turret mooring and mooring buoy.
The gearlever has a Gordini knob and the dashboard features a leather-trimmed cowl and standard equipment includes automatic climate-control, automatic headlamp activation, automatic wiper activation, cruise control, speed limiter and fully disconnectable ESP.
and Paris, France, received the European Union's CE mark for its self-expanding and disconnectable stent to treat acute coronary syndrome.
There's a disconnectable electronic stability programme incorporated in the top models, the car runs on good-sized alloys and there's fine control from the suspension which features torsion beam at the rear.