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Rs 996,345, power supply disconnected to Multani Mangi from 2 transformers due
Khan Rural Division disconnected power supply to Fazal ur Rehman Ice factory in Mali Khel areas due to non-payment of Rs 1,020,247, Kala Gora village from 5 distribution transformers due to non-payment of Rs 2,018,510, Tata of 11 KV Awan feeder from 5 transformers due to non-payment of Rs 2,437,260, new Karachi and Kharwala from 5 transformers
Etisalat ranked last as one out of 4,962 attempts to surf the internet were disconnected, while none were blocked.
Similarly, in Hazara Circle power supply to Water supply scheme Budari was disconnected due to nonpayment of Rs 32853, power supply to water supply scheme Bandan disconnected on nonpayment of Rs 19985, power supply disconnected to WSS Dodial due to nonpayment of Rs 48498.
Using data to "make the case" for concerted efforts to reengage disconnected youth among the general public and key audiences, and sharing key data about disconnected youth and program effectiveness across systems; and
That is a quarter more than the 5,114 disconnected in 2006 and double the figure for 2005.
The total number of UK customers disconnected for non-payment of their energy bills was 5,117 in 2006.
Some 90 warning text messages were sent out to mobile phones from which hoax calls were made during the financial year 2004-05 ( and 20 phones were subsequently disconnected.
You could roam between connected and disconnected states without interfering at all with application functionality.
At disposal time a car could also slip through the net with an airbag still disconnected, which could have major repercussions if the new owner has an accident in the car,'' she added.
In a disconnected environment, the user's data subset is sent from a master system to that user, who can manipulate the data locally, then send it back to the master system periodically.