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The findings are important, because although social disconnectedness is a known risk factor for mental illness and increased risk for suicide in later life, it is not well characterized among older adult primary care patients.
So here, in episodes of leadership, we see the attempt by social actors to overcome their disconnectedness and join together to do something.
Teilhard's mature moral standard, which some commentators have labeled Noopolitik, gives national leaders a way to challenge those agents of disconnectedness (17) who threaten the weak and the powerless, while, at the same time, offering a Christian strategy that can prevent global leaders from tumbling into the twin traps of overreaction and revenge, both of which would violate the virtue of benevolence.
Singing, however, is contrapuntal to this disconnectedness as it was experienced in the trenches; it also emphasizes the cessation of violence.
In "'Behold a Pale Horse': Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the 'Experience of Nothingness, '" Smith examines the broader cultural conditions in which the experiences of disconnectedness, isolation, and meaninglessness afflict many people.
My, albeit mundane, moment of disconnectedness echoes across the 15 stories in Fire and Forget, which, as an anthology, is anything but forgettable.
In fact, Ogungbemi's alarming recommendation that nature should invariably apply its brake through volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and others in order to have a drastic reduction in Africa's population growth rate is reflex of the disconnectedness of his ethics of nature-relatedness and African ontology.
But her decision to run for the DPP nomination also follows a string of angry attacks on party leaders for what she called disconnectedness from rank-and-file members and undemocratic procedures for the primaries.
His disconnectedness became an absurdity and embarrassment to everyone.
The dramatic rise and fall of oil prices - $150 a barrel in the summer of 2008 to $35 the following winter - is attributed to this state of disconnectedness.
Affirming the continuity of literary tradition--somewhat against the common critical lament about the increasing fragmentation, heterogeneity and disconnectedness of our culture and tradition--Kopcewicz's essays help us recognize the transformational potential of each studied intertext.