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It's the lack of hope and the disconnectedness that leads children to pick up those guns when they have challenges.
His proposed theory of sociological disconnectedness is the analytical means through which he generates the statistical data that informs his response, explaining the long-term appeal of recordings produced inside and outside more centralized jazz hotspots in terms of competing perceptions of the market environment and the cultural context of production.
Academic pressure, financial stress, homesickness, perceived discrimination, social disconnectedness, and culture shock were small to moderately related among themselves, ranging from the correlations of .
Karen Erickson, formerly of Native Counselling Services of Alberta, said Aboriginal youth are particularly vulnerable because of "intergenerational issues caused by residential school experiences which have disrupted the fundamental relationship between parents and children, and led to a disconnectedness from ceremonies like sweats.
In other words, there is a general sense of disconnectedness throughout the book, a sense that paragraphs, sections, and chapters require more explicit links connecting them together.
Chapters detail environmental degradation that is concomitant with this modern disconnectedness.
Jean de Palacio's latest book has shown the work remaining not only for my brothers and sisters in Decadence, but also for future generations of scholars who, with the current academic interest in circularity, heterogeneity and hybridity, will discover that fragmentation, disconnectedness and absence of linearity are typical characteristics of the prodigious literary activity that flourished between 1880 and 1914 in much of Europe and, to some extent, the United States.
And its disconnectedness and incoherence-its apparently random assortment of bits and pieces from here, there, and everywhere-is indeed a precise and honest reflection of the historical experience of the people themselves.
LOS ANGELES--Older adults who screen positive for social disconnectedness in the primary care setting have high levels of depressive symptom severity and a high likelihood of suicide ideation and behavior during their lifetime, according to findings from a survey of 153 patients.
I wonder about the presuppositions when voices are raised concerning the fragmentation of society and problems of disconnectedness.
His protagonist lives in a world of smart phones, novelty sex robots, tablet computers, and wi-fi pods; his enemies understand the dynamics of this digital ecosystem better than he does, but they can't match him for disconnectedness.
My, albeit mundane, moment of disconnectedness echoes across the 15 stories in Fire and Forget, which, as an anthology, is anything but forgettable.