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Npower accounted for nearly half of all leccy disconnections - up 62per cent - and a third of all gas disconnections.
Although rare, power disconnections to these areas can have as serious an impact as they would for individual apartments and houses.
According to this approach, routine disconnections or everyday, normal ruptures exist in relationships and are products of living.
A spokesman for industry regulator Ofgem said: "We continue to press all suppliers to step up their efforts to help customers - particularly vulnerable consumers - to manage their bills and avoid disconnections.
There are disconnections between regions of the country, between generations, between older and younger people, between traditional and contemporary visions and values and styles.
A council spokesman said: "Much planned demolition is still on hold, because we're waiting for disconnections.
BOOT ANGER: Estate resident Jack Mahon says the council has not taken account of disconnection times' FRUSTRATED: City council leader Warren Bradley
Mobile clients in wireless environments suffer from scarce bandwidth, low-quality communication, frequent network disconnections (either volunteer or involunteer), and limited local resources (computing power, battery, storage, display, etc).
Research by watchdog energywatch found 30 per cent of disconnections happen to the poorest 13 per cent of the population, and that the problem in the Welsh capital was particularly acute.
offers the Vent-Tie[R] Ventilator Antidisconnect Device (Product #401), a soft, cotton tracheostomy neckband coupled with a patented antidisconnect Velcro[R] strap that aids in preventing ventilator disconnections at the trach site.
invented StatLock after witnessing countless catheter disconnections and complications.