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38KV Class Primary Fused Disconnects (Kirk Key Interlock Voltage Regulator)(Requires
The disconnects are color coded using the Color-Keyed[R] system to ensure the correct match of cables, connectors and dies as a system, and to facilitate visual inspection.
The formation light wire connectors may not look like quick disconnects, but they are.
The most cost-effective option is to disconnect the service and absorb the loss.
Whenever the mold is lifted out of the frame, water lines disconnect automatically; re-connection also takes place automatically when the new mold is lowered into the frame.
5 million false, or phony, disconnects are removed from directory assistance databases each year, said Gary Walter, President & CEO for Infutor.
It provides quick disconnects and an easy and quick way to refill aircraft reservoirs with clean, moisture- and air-free hydraulic fluid.
Internet Traffic Cop(TM) physically disconnects a personal computer from the internet, completely protecting it from outside attacks.
The complete range of solutions will include 100, 150, 200, 245, and 400 amp disconnects, and these can be specified with up to 36 input circuits in NEMA-3, 3R, 4 and 4X enclosures.
Custom-built for heavy-duty applications, bolted contact switches are most often used for rectifier disconnects, crane and electrified rail isolation, battery disconnects, uninterruptible power systems and similar applications.
Providing utilities with remote disconnects is a key component of any Smart Grid deployment.
A similarly easy "turn and pull" action disconnects the coupler and stops the product flow.