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The company having now pretty well satisfied their thirst, nothing remained but to pay the reckoning, a circumstance often productive of much mischief and discontent among the inferior rank of gentry, who are apt to find great difficulty in assessing the sum, with exact regard to distributive justice, which directs that every man shall pay according to the quantity which he drinks.
But her heart began to beat with something of Philip's discontent.
He hopes that this discontent will soon end and citizens will be motivated to vote.
As the Labour Party leadership clung to incomes policy even in the face of uprising from its own base, the strikes did not succeed in generating mass bases of support; the Winter of Discontent instead bolstered support for Margaret Thatcher's Conservatives that blamed unions for the crisis, and their election in May 1979 inaugurated a long period of neoliberalism and decline in working-class power and livelihood.
Protesters are mainly natives of nearby villages, who are discontent about unfair court decision regarding MP Keldibekov, lawmaker's sister Sairagul Belekova said.
WELSH Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies has vowed to take his party into the next Assembly elections, despite reports of growing discontent following his sacking of four shadow cabinet members.
THE country could be facing a summer of discontent if the Government forces public sector workers to take pay cuts.
In a bid to appease public discontent, Prime Minister Borisov vowed that a procedure for withdrawing the license of CEZ would be started, which was subsequently rejected.
The source, who refused to be identified, told Sadr Times that "Maliki met a number of religious clergymen in Iraq during the Non-Alligned Summit, prominently Mahmoud Shahrawardi, who expressed their discontent with the night clubs in Baghdad and some other cities.
From Richard III's diagnosis of the "winter of our discontent" (1597) through Thomas Carlyle's description of the "bitter discontent [.
asks Giles Turnbull reports Listen carefully, and you'll hear rumblings of discontent from deep within the Twitterverse.
China's banking regulator has started investigating the fee-based businesses of banks after rising discontent over the increase in the types of fees.