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The researchers note that the data did not permit examination of the reasons for contraceptive nonuse or discontinuation, and that the sample size for the analysis on discontinuation precluded disaggregation by method type.
Formal discontinuation assessments for patients receiving mechanical ventilation for respiratory failure should be performed during spontaneous breathing rather than while the patient is still receiving ventilatory support.
Overall discontinuation is remarkably high for all methods except intrauterine devices
And definitely if the patient has experienced discontinuation syndrome in the past.
0-not significantly worse than it was at natalizumab discontinuation.
Follow-up interviews were conducted by telephone at three and six months, and included specific questions regarding oral contraceptive continuation and reasons for discontinuation.
The best way to treat Anti-depressant Discontinuation Syndrome is for a person to begin taking the drug again and then try to taper off more slowly Unfortunately, for some women this approach can create a cycle of dependence on the drug that can feel almost impossible to break.
The public relations agency Ruder-Finn was hired by SmithKline Beecham's marketing department to help prepare publications in the "Paxil Discontinuation Response.
Nevertheless, the four menstrual disturbances that increased risk of discontinuation in the study persisted one, two, and even three years into the research.
Clinicians with admitting privileges to the Hospital were notified by mail of discontinuation of the BT test as approved by a multidisciplinary Hospital Laboratory Committee in January 1999.
At the 8th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in early 2001, several presentations looked at STIs or treatment discontinuation in patients treated during acute or early infection.
Policy chiefs of the ruling coalition on Tuesday endorsed the discontinuation of 210 public works projects out of 233 the coalition had recommended scrapping as a step to stopping wasteful spending, but said 14 projects should continue, according to coalition officials.