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METHODS: Data collected from married women in Demographic and Health Surveys conducted in 34 countries between 2005 and 2010 were used to estimate the potential contribution of contraceptive discontinuation to current and future unmet need.
Both the access to and composition of available methods were associated with a reduction in the relevant discontinuation rate.
CONCLUSIONS: High contraceptive discontinuation in the past has contributed tens of millions of cases of unmet need, and discontinuation among current users will contribute even more cases in the future.
Secondary endpoints were reasons for discontinuation, time to virologic failure (defined as either two consecutive HIV-1 RNA >= 50 copies/mL or one HIV-1 RNA >= 50 copies/mL followed by discontinuation) and long-term safety profile.
The results of the study revealed that 56% of patients with baseline viral suppression (<500 copies/mL) (n= 722) and 53% of those with detectable viral load (>= 500 copies/mL) (n= 540) remained on treatment after 3 years with a median time to discontinuation of 4 versus 3.
CONTEXT: Contraceptive discontinuation is a common event that may be associated with low motivation to avoid pregnancy.
Multivariate logistic regression analysis was used to examine the characteristics of women who reported births as intended when they followed contraceptive failure or discontinuation for reasons other than a desire for pregnancy.
Patients on atazanavir or lopinavir/ritonavir plus Viread should be monitored for Viread-associated adverse events which may require discontinuation.
The study regimen discontinuation rate due to adverse events was higher in the Combivir arm, with 9 percent of patients discontinuing from the study versus 3 percent in the Viread/Emtriva arm (p=0.
Exacerbations of hepatitis B have been reported in patients co-infected with HIV and chronic hepatitis B after discontinuation of Viread.
Discontinuation of these packages are for commercial and industrial temp grades only.
Under the product discontinuation policy, Xilinx will provide customers with 12 months notice to place their last-time orders for programmable logic devices that will have a "form, fit, and function" replacement -- such as the -70 and the -5 speedgrades -- and provide at least an additional 90 days notice for last shipments.