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The discontinuous dispersion experiments were carried out using an ultrasonic sonotrode (20 kHz, Branson PG) that was immerged into the liquid particle-resin-mixture, as described in (11).
A discontinuous process consisting of six cycles of pressurization at 60,000 psi and 50 C for 20 seconds provided slightly greater than a 1-log reduction of the S.
The new product elevator is Nedpack's first continuous vertical conveyor built for the discontinuous market.
If it's discontinuous action, which is what the FBU say they will do, we will have the same number of fire engines available, which is 38.
It comprises a permeable core with a thermoplastic resin material reinforced with a web of reinforcing fibers and discontinuous natural fibers.
A possible numerical method for an efficient solution of such problems is the discontinuous Galerkin finite element method (DGFEM).
Baggage handlers in Speke have conducted a four week discontinuous walkout for the last month.
They are radically discontinuous despite superficial similarities, a reflection of the institutionalized discontinuities of post-Modern existence.
A follow-up airborne magnetic survey found that the ring fault produces a discontinuous but discrete negative magnetic response helpful in fixing its location and establishing drill targets.
How REI plans to use PLM software to deal with discontinuous and often discordant information as well as other product development challenges
In addition, discontinuous and continuous conduction modes (DCM and CCM) are expected to be the most important factors when determining the semiconductor components used in PFC designs.