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It has been found that qualitative warpage of the disk discontinuously changes at a thickness of 3.
The stretching took place discontinuously and was based on a moving horizontal stretching frame.
Rikutec, represented here by Gould & Eberhart has a special coex head that can operate either continuously or discontinuously.
Mineralization extends discontinuously over a zone approximately 500 feet wide, 2,500 feet long and 650 feet deep.
It is assumed for simplicity that temperature is constant in the liquid and decreases discontinuously to [T.
Trenching extended the strike length of the B veins from a 25 metre outcrop exposure to about 150 metres on the southern limb and discontinuously over 400 metres on the northern limb.
5 km of exposed structures and discontinuously over at least 2.
It is assumed here for simplicity that temperature in the liquid is constant and decreases discontinuously to [T.
The crosshead die forms a pair of discontinuously bonded corrugated tubes around smooth crosslinked PB tubes meant to carry residential hot and cold water.
CPS is a leader in the prototyping and development of discontinuously reinforced MMCs using their patented Quickcast(TM) Aluminum Infiltration Process.
It is more difficult to do the same when the variables change discontinuously and, particularly, if the change has a random nature.