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Previous research has investigated a link between sexual discordance and risk factors for suicide.
Out of these 8069 glass-digital read pairs, 335 instances of discordance were recorded, which represents approximately 4% of 8069 glass-digital comparisons.
Maximum discordance (100%) was observed in BL and Histoid leprosy.
Both examples show that discordance in calcium and CC level with normal albumin level in patient may be clinically significant to make management decision.
Discordance between stroma and glandular elements signifies hormonal imbalance.
Concordance and discordance score (%) between Methods A and B for ulnar, median and posterior tibial nerves by MFT Nerves Concordance Discordance Pts=70 NN AA NA AN Total Nerves=140 abnormal nerves % ULNAR 61 (44%) 37 (26%) 41 (29%) 1 (1%) 79 (56%) MEDIAN 103 (74%) 12 (9%) 21 (15%) 4 (2%) 37 (26%) POST.
Genetic or epigenetic difference causing discordance between monozygotic twins as a clue to molecular basis of mental disorders.
Each outcome--indicators for discordance versus concordance for any hospitalizations and outpatient surgery and the numbers of under-reported and over-reported visits--was separately modeled as a function of the progressively differentiating proxy-status indicators.
2 units in FM (Tables 2 and 3), findings that reflect discordance of physician and patient global estimates in many rheumatic diseases.
Summarizing this largest comparison of HbA1c in people with and without HIV, the MACS researchers concluded that "HbA1c underestimates glycaemia in HIV-infected patients and its use in patients with risk factors for HbA1c discordance may lead to under-diagnosis and to under-treatment of established diabetes mellitus.
Molecular alterations may be associated with receptor changes as endocrine and growth signalling pathways are involved in invasion and metastasis, accounting for discordance in the receptor status from primary to recurrence or metastasis.
The lens is refocused on the words themselves, giving them an organized hymn-like quality where the discordance of fathers and sons (or masters and pupils) gives way to a sense of trust.