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The program minimizes the distances between previous and new values of discordance and veto thresholds.
Step 3: Computation of the Concordance and Discordance Numbers: Using fuzzy concordance and fuzzy discordance numbers alternatives will be ranked.
A full von Willebrand Factor (vWF) screen was then performed which showed a normal FVIII:C and vWF:Ag but a slight reduction in the assays which measure vWF function (vWF:RCo and vWF:CB) indicating a possible functional vWF discordance.
However, there were no significant differences in belief scores, behavior scores, or discordance scores in host versus nonhost settings.
The RATE group shows large discordances in isochron estimates of the age of rocks and minerals to be normative and as large as factors of two or three in some cases, much larger than the 15% Isaac stated in his review.
Discordance coefficient 5 is determined using the formula:
That is, patient satisfaction may be affected by discordance, with the mismatch of nonparticipatory patients and participatory physicians producing the highest level of patient satisfaction, and the mismatch of participatory patients and nonparticipatory physicians resulting in the lowest level of patient satisfaction.
Western science has no place for religion and it sets the scene therefore for disharmony and discordance with it.
The debates concerning the rebuilding of Ground Zero has brought to light the discordance we feel between the sacred and the physical realms with a force that was unimaginable.
You get enough discordance between the genotype and phenotype that having both kinds of resistance testing can be very useful.