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As in other phenotypic aspects, discordances in dentition between MZ twins are not uncommon and are not mutually exclusive with monozygosity.
The use of a validated image-analysis system has been shown to substantially reduce interpathologist discordance in interpreting IHC assay results (9).
The problematic areas of discordance between telepathology and traditional microscopy were investigated.
The discordances claimed by the RATE team in terrestrial rocks are not unexpected in light of the thermal history and environmental exposure of the selected samples.
We sought to review clinical pathologic discordance information generated by autopsies on an internal medicine service in the urban United States and to determine whether resident services appear to influence autopsy rates.
The discussion will include strategies for enhancing predictivity; applying and interpreting pharmacologically relevant data sets; using new pre-clinical assays for cardiotoxicity assessment; and avoiding current discordances between S7B-recommended assays (hERG, in vivo QT) and Phase I observations by adopting more relevant in vitro models.
Mais, il semble bien que l'entourage malsain qui ne fait que secreter les discordances pour des calculs parcimonieux, s'evertue a stigmatiser indefiniment ce macabre affront.
Discordances between histologic types have occurred in our practice, which occasionally caused clinical challenges and required resolution.
Nodet (ancient Jewish literature, Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise de Jerusalem) investigates first the degree to which it is possible, beyond the sayings and discordances of the Gospels, to recover some photographic features of Jesus and his actions, and second whether there is any reason to do so.
The claim that the earth is approximately 6,000 years old is supported from biblical interpretation and from four areas of scientific studies: helium diffusion in zircons, radiohalos in granites, isochron discordances, and the presence of trace amounts of carbon-14 (C-14) in pre-Cambrian material.
However, we found discordances between cholesterol indices and apo B in more than one third of the study participants (Table 3).
Particular attention will be given to enhancing predictivity and avoiding current discordances between S7B-recommended assays (hERG, in vivo QT) and Phase I observations.