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The majority (242; 72%) of the 335 discordances reported had the potential to cause minimal or minor harm to patients.
The included studies reported 108 of 335 discordances concerning the diagnosis of dysplasia, representing 32% of all reported discordances.
The prevalence of discordance of the shape and size of teeth in pairs of MZ and DZ twins has also been studied, and the results have been controversial.
Such discordance can lead to an incorrect diagnosis when the radiographic study is performed prematurely, because the congenital absence of teeth is associated with the late development of germs, among other factors [Baba-Kawano et al.
Studies have consistently demonstrated the importance of autopsies in determining correct pathologic diagnoses and in identifying clinical pathologic discordance.
The objective of our study was to review autopsies in an urban hospital internal medicine service, and to include all medical inpatients in order to determine whether certain variables may influence the clinical pathologic discordance rate.
Using the setting of an area with limited medical resources, we evaluated the concordance and discordance of telepathology versus traditional microscopy when used for rendering an accurate diagnosis.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the rate of concordance of histologic types of lung cancer diagnosed in cytology and biopsy specimens obtained during a single bronchoscopic procedure, to evaluate the cause of discordance, and to correlate discordance with patient outcome.
Cytologic and histologic diagnoses were then compared, and cases with remaining discordance were submitted for independent evaluation to a second pulmonary pathologist (E.
The first, a hospital-based cohort of patients with chronic hepatitis C from our institution, was included prospectively from January 1997 to December 2002 to assess biopsy quality, discordance rate, and the factors associated with discordance and to attempt to attribute the causes of discordances (biopsy or FT-AT).
Discordances between cTnI and cTnT (increased cTnT) were observed in a patient with amyloid cardiomyopathy and one patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated with pneumonia.