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Critical values for 33 discordancy test variants for outliers in normal samples of up to sizes 1,000, and applications in quality control in Earth Sciences, Revista Mexicana de Ciencias Geologicas, 25 (1): 82-96.
While there is some intellectual discordancy between what we mean by the psyche and what we mean by the soul, our felt experience makes no firm distinction between them.
The election comes at a time of tension and discordancy within the guild, following a lengthy commercial-actors strike and a barely averted walkout by movie and TV actors under Daniels.
State Constitutional Discordancy at the New York Court of Appeals, 12 Touro L.
Finally, participant responses to a reference diagnosis of LSIL, HSIL, or squamous carcinoma were examined to identify the discordancy (false-negative) rate, attributable to a diagnosis of reparative change.