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s account of poetic illumination as an affective engagement with "disorderly order" notably draws on the figure of concordia discors, a commonplace Renaissance way of describing poetic fiction-making's role in revealing the latent harmonies subtending and stabilizing the material world's formal diversity.
Rest and movement form a concordia discors, or harmonious discord: precisely because of their antagonism, they can be unified under a rubric of movement as change and variety.
81-82); Merrills sees Orosius juxtaposing his eastern with his western empires, and his southern with his northern, suggesting the sum of history as a concordia discors, a tension resolved only in the victory of Christianity, and the universalization of its message.
The humeri lack the ridge posterior to the pectoral attachment that is found in Oxyura jamaicensis, are too short for Bucephala albeola and Anas cyanoptera and not as robust as Anas discors.
The 2006 Seasearch finds included ballan wrasse performing a mating ritual off the coast of Linney Head, and unusual beds of musculus discors, a type of small mussel, off the coast of Porth Colmon on the north of the Llyn peninsula.
Finally able to cut back and forth across old and new rifts, the postcommunist cosmopolite, too, claims to incarnate Whitmanian multitudes and facets of being, to embody an entire cultural concordia discors.
8) Italy as imagined community co-exists with Italy realm of the imagination: these two categories seem worth considering as a concordia discors.
In his synthesizing, magisterial work, Clark points out, for example, that what made witchcraft a distinctive kind of disorder was its specifically "political" idiom: "Since concordia discors conformed to divine laws of proportion, accounts of universal contrariety were invariably couched in the language of government.
Rather than rejecting the people of the West who are behind this disturbance as Others, the uneven entirety of 'An Emigrant's Notebook' is geared towards celebrating the concordia discors that apparently existed in the days before the Land Wars, when Protestant landlord and Catholic tenant lived in 'peace and harmony'.
Quitslund rescues Spenser, however, from the conservatism that this implies by pointing out two mitigating tendencies; the equal importance of a leveling paradigm, concordia discors, and the emphasis on lower ontological levels such as human passions and bodies.
Together the two concepts provide a means of interpreting Donne's love poetry as the ironic embodiment of a vision of love as a version of concordia discors.
19) The most fundamental distinction that can help us to sort through this ambivalence and equivocation is that between "the politics of faith" and "the politics of scepticism," two opposed styles of politics whose interaction is the concordia discors of the past five centuries of European politics.