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Other changes in the US market are evidenced by the entrance of discount retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart and Target into food retailing through "supercentre" formats which combine large supermarkets with full-line discount stores.
Noting that the store's volume was well beyond what he was getting from most of his variety stores, Walton began to seriously consider expanding his network of discount stores.
In 2010, the most recent year for which data are currently available, discount stores accounted for 10% of retail pharmacy sales in the United States, trailing drug chains, mail order (23.
Although they account for less than 10% of pharmacy sales, discount stores have driven innovation in this category, especially in pricing.
Discount Store News is a publication of Lebhar-Friedman Inc.
The department store company continued to innovate after introducing its Target discount store concept.
Rather than drive to a discount store and supermarket to fulfill their general merchandise and grocery needs separately, they realize they can take care of both needs in one trip to a supercenter.
The city is appealing that decision, but the discount store chain in January filed another federal lawsuit to block the city from turning over the old Costco building to the shopping center owner.
The big challenge for Wal-Mart is that, with its discount stores at a mature level, the retailer has to establish new venues to support growth.