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In their train were minstrels, not unknown in London streets; wandering players, whose theatres had been the halls of noblemen; mummers, rope-dancers, and mountebanks, who would long be missed at wakes, church-ales, and fairs; in a word, mirth-makers of every sort, such as abounded in that age, but now began to be discountenanced by the rapid growth of Puritanism.
As in nearly all nineteenth-century dramaturgy, which discountenanced those old epic standbys the flashback and the prophecy, a continuously unfolding present fixes the attention of auditors, or readers, on what is passing before them right now.
In the sense of the aesthetic, which is closely akin to religious feeling, the American Indian stands alone," he began; he then discussed traditional and modern Indian art--highlighting DeCora's work at Carlisle--on the way to reminding his audience that "as recently as twenty years ago, all native art was severely discountenanced and discouraged, if not actually forbidden in Government schools.
Emilia Hornby, less discountenanced than her companions at the prospect of being uncased from 'our tight-fitting European garments' and 'rolled up' in huge shawls which the slaves bring in, actually welcomes being undressed by 'fairies' (p.
Du Bois made clear, "The significance of New England in the African slave-trade does not therefore lie in the fact that she early discountenanced the system of slavery and stopped importation; but rather in the fact that her citizens, being the traders of the New World, early took part in the carrying slave trade and furnished slaves to other colonies" (qtd.
Establishment-approved reading matter long available in sforim could in this way be made to serve a radically alternative purpose: a mere bikhl might be transformed into a new kind of sefer, and those among the learned who might be discovered glancing into one need not be compromised, since the scandalous publication could always be discountenanced as contemptibly fit only for women.
My visit to you has discountenanced all the gypsy's warnings of people who say "never meet your favourite authors.
It is an immense support and ally to a brave man standing single or with a few for the right, to know, when, outvoted and discountenanced and ostracized in that hour and place, yet better men in other parts of the country appreciate the service, and will rightly report him to his own age and posterity" (87).
But that possibility is discountenanced by the fact that it appears to be confined to these Juvenal translations.
For Stories of former Ages are no other, then certain kinde of Romances to succeeding posterity; since they have no testimony for them but mens probable opinions; seeing the Historical part almost of all Countreys is subject to be questioned; neither is it any great matter as to our profit, whether they were exactly so or no, provided Bravery be cherished, and Baseness discountenanced to our Instruction; in that all things are but to teach people how to do well, and avoid the contrary; wherefore [it is] to be considered, that the Authour had a greater desire to discourse the causes of Accidents, then the truth of Actions.
I'm irked, infuriated, wrathful and discountenanced.
He adds that has itself been a victim of terrorism and as result "has always discountenanced terrorism and its every form".