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In Behemoth, 112, Hobbes conjectured that Essex was driven to insurrection by his wounded pride or vainglory: "But I believe verily, that the unfortunateness of his marriages had so discountenanced his conversation with the ladies, that the court could not be his proper element, unless he had had some extraordinary favour there, to balance that calamity.
He adds that has itself been a victim of terrorism and as result "has always discountenanced terrorism and its every form".
The intended excursion fails: Colonel Brandon is discountenanced by a letter, and leaves abruptly, despite the tactless remonstrance of Sir John and Mrs.
16] Some American bankers, particularly the Morgan partners, consciously discountenanced predictions of postwar American commercial and financial predominance.
16) So great was this acceptance that David Solis Cohen, a leading member of the Portland Jewish elite argued, "Political organization founded upon racial or religious cohesiveness is sternly discountenanced by Jews generally.
7,030) (stating "[t]his court has repeatedly discountenanced actions by foreign seamen against foreign vessels not terminating their voyages at this port, as being calculated to embarrass commercial transactions and relations between this country and others in friendly relations with it").
an important reason for the failure to devise a rational technique of improved plant production seems to have been the totemic religious philosophy which not only provided ritual non-technical substitutes for practical action but also morally discountenanced technological innovation in general.
As such it was frequently discountenanced or went entirely unnoticed in the press owing to its lack of a European pedigree.
These worthy people thoroughly discountenanced the festival, and when the Quakers and Puritans came to found a State in the New World, they made rigid rules against any such form of festivity.
From these surviving records, it is clear that Christian writers discountenanced capital punishment in each of the first three centuries.
Hulbert--espoused a policy of political neutrality, and discountenanced the rise of nationalistic sentiments within their churches.