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Rising costs are driven by several rather discouragingly robust forces.
The consequence was a seemingly never-ending fielding attempt and, most discouragingly, the delay of modernizing the sustainment community with a system capable of presenting a single COP for commanders to use.
How this relationship came to be, and how it unfolded over the course of forty years, is fascinating, at least until we realize that much of the correspondence between Bishop and her editors, chiefly Katharine White and Howard Moss, centered around the bric-a-brac of magazine editing: acceptances and rejections, proofreading, galleys, and, discouragingly for nonspecialists, grammar and punctuation.
For all but the most gifted or eager learners, the procedures of scansion were so non-intuitive, and the associated prosodical vocabulary so arcane, that the return of an assignment often found my charges discouragingly close to the point where they had been when the assignment was made to begin with.
The respondents' answers to the three questions demonstrated that "a discouragingly low number" of Americans could be said to be even minimally financially literate, especially "given the question's simplicity and the fact that respondents did not have to make a calculation but could merely select from a set of answers" (p.
ten-baggers are discouragingly rare, although, amazingly, Lynch enjoyed
Low spending on health care and the migration of providers to private practices also translate into discouragingly long waits for a gynaecological appointment in a state clinic, ranging in 2007 from 9 to 66 days, and low utilisation of care in some parts of the country.
On the other hand, discouragingly, his belief seems to be based on that of an adviser whose beliefs are not, generally, to be believed.
If these questions were posed today the numbers who answer yes to any of them would be discouragingly low.
Discouragingly, the more this form of collective action is patterned to our legal system as it is, the less ably it seems to approximate simple rationality.
The main galleries are not the conventional discouragingly large boxes, but are subtly articulated with curving walls, internal windows, and projections t for doorways or service areas.
Discouragingly for the democratic project, this political paralysis has coincided with an upsurge in Islamic fervor that threatens to thwart democratic reform for the foreseeable future.