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Moreover, and discouragingly so, prompt coronary revascularization did nothing to mitigate that risk, Dr.
Perhaps even more discouragingly, George Washington University's Emily Thorson has shown false beliefs can "echo," even when corrections are well received.
To the north of Jupiter, the Stream pushes to the east and the travel corridor expands--to some anglers a discouragingly long distance--so trolling with ballyhoo to cover more ground usually wins the day.
Everything must go at her pace, which is going to be trying and at times discouragingly slow.
Discouragingly, no academic curriculum culminates in a test engineering degree.
His weak and passive rhetorical reaction to the beheading of American journalist James Foley was a discouragingly missed opportunity.
Romance and creative projects could fizzle out discouragingly.
However, it is difficult to imagine this being widely used given its dry tone and discouragingly boring format.
Discouragingly, the engagement camp is small, consisting mainly of intellectuals.
The reasons why women watch less TV, read fewer newspapers and listen to less radio programmes in many countries than men could include the discouragingly male bias of much media content, less leisure time because of the greater unpaid work undertaken by women in the home and persistent social norms and expectations inherited from the past.
Discouragingly, though, new car registrations sank to an all-time low in January, the 16th month of decline.