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Keywords: Representation, National identity, Critical discourse analysis.
This book is composed of three parts--namely, Asian discourse studies, African discourse studies, and Latin American discourse studies--each of which, written by one author, contains three chapters.
This edited book examines computer-mediated communication while keeping the theoretical tools of the discourse analysis handy.
This definitive collection of previously published, unpublished, and commissioned scholarly texts examines the emerging field of lacanian discourse analysis and the ways in which this new research has inspired and revitalized the tradition of discourse analysis.
Two theoretical ideas that have influenced our thinking about coconstructing spaces and discourses to support teachers in integrating democratic practices in their science teaching are used to frame this study: Gee's (1999) notion of big-D Discourse and Fairclough's (2003) notion of interdiscursivity.
The function of the urban discourse is investigated according to the French Discourse Analysis developed by Pecheux in the 1960s and by Orlandi, who reinterprets the former's works and goes beyond his theory through displacements and transformations, particularly with regard to the urban space.
Discourse markers, as defined by Schiffrin, are "sequentially dependent elements which brick unit of talk" (Schiffrin, 1987:31) and serve a variety of functions in the organization of the speaker's discourse.
ERIC Descriptors: Inclusion; Barriers; Educational Policy; Public Schools; Academic Support Services; Children; Learning Problems; Disabilities; Discourse Analysis; Commercialization; Civil Rights; Human Capital; Academic Achievement; Foreign Countries
Chapters of the book progressively introduce the main effort of the author-his intent to show that sociological analysis of knowledge and ideology is possible through the empirical analysis of discourse.
This book purports to offer an analysis of the Quebec state's discourse on racism and anti-racism, as well as the position adopted by a few NGOs and citizens who submitted briefs to the 2006 public consultation on the government policy project designed to fight against racism.
However, with the coming of globalisation and the quest to fit into the world marketplace, there have been some changes in the general discourse in use in the administration of these institutions.
Discourse analysis can be used to understand and interpret culturally