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Germaine's table; and, more amazing still, the husbands had so far approved of the grossly discourteous conduct of the wives as to consent to make the most insultingly trivial excuses for their absence.
Nor has he anything more to say or do but to nod once in the same frigid and discourteous manner and to say briefly, "You can go.
Mr Davis said last week that he did not think "it was in good faith to publish a document with frankly discourteous language and actually implying that they could arbitrarily terminate in effect the implementation period".
I do not think it was in good faith to publish a document with frankly discourteous language," he told reporters in London.
This is done to teach these arrogant and discourteous foreigners the lesson that ours is a sovereign country whose authority they should respect,' he stressed.
Ablong urged the members of the public to assert their rights as the city government will continue to impose appropriate penalties on abusive and discourteous drivers.
It also noted there were many incidents of manhandling, discourteous and rude behaviour by the staffers of various airlines.
Reflection of student teachers over students' discourteous attitudes, 'student teachers' own unwanted practices (shyness, shivering and repetition of words), class room momentum, class room discipline and reflection over hesitation to respond to students' questions nearly increased 49% chances for student teachers to smoothly complete their lesson plans.
Former Brexit minister David Jones said: "All this agitation by the Chancellor and his allies is hugely discourteous to Mrs May and undermines her authority.
Real, experienced cyclists obeying the law stick to the roads and all praise and good luck to them, but many cycling round the Precinct seem to be just pig-ignorant, discourteous and sometimes downright abusive.
You have to wonder about the frightening arrogance of No10 under Mr Cameron when the Tory leader's hirelings think it acceptable to be stupidly discourteous to generations of war dead, veterans and serving soldiers.
Not only was the refusal to play the song discourteous to Mr Surtees' friend but also to its author, John Lennon.