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16 (1) discourteously (interrupting, horse laughing, bad mouthing, etc.
When the mule continues acting discourteously, refusing to say si, por favor, the boy advises the mule that Entonces no vamos a jugar con mi trenecito .
Conor Faughnan of the AA said slow drivers "often acted discourteously by causing a build-up behind them".
Cortina, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, who found that 71% of workers surveyed have been insulted, demeaned, ignored, or otherwise treated discourteously by their coworkers and superiors.
In not asking permission of the native title holders, in the latter's eyes they were behaving discourteously and offensively.
He just hung on tightly and discourteously and applied ongoing upward pressure.
Cell phones are now ubiquitous, but frequently used discourteously," said Osann.
It is a pity that two ex-soldiers-cum-ministers have taken up the burden of defending the same Modi who used and discourteously abandoned not only military veterans but also the scientist, responsible for perfecting India's indigenously developed ballistic-missile-systems.
The barrister did not return to court in the afternoon, despite being ordered to do so by Judge Kelson, London's Criminal Appeal Court heard, insisting that the judge had behaved unreasonably and discourteously towards him.
I understand, albeit anecdotally, that a number of our 'guests' were drinking in the Long Room during the match, and when asked to refrain by a fellow member, behaved discourteously and even somewhat pugnaciously," he said.
Cyclists, please be considerate to other road or track users as the case may be and don't 'bunch-block' roads or pass walkers discourteously.