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At the same time, Gawain is aware that giving in to her temptations would be an extreme act of discourteousness and disloyalty towards his host, Sir Bertilak de Hautdesert.
While Austen's tone indicates some continuing skepticism, such attentions must have come as a welcome change to her after the discourteousness of her previous publishers or would-be publishers.
Conducts are of two kinds: the good, which is demonstrated by polite and virtuous manners, which result in noble words and deeds, according to reason and Sharee Y[pounds sterling]ah; and the bad, which presents in discourteousness and vice, and results in, what are logically and in Islam, evil speech and actions.
The stories are those of inefficiency, discourteousness and misinformation.
This level of discourteousness fueled the creation of several civility improvement institutes including the Workplace Bullying Institute (n.