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Whenever a man does anything unexpected, his fellows ascribe it to the most discreditable motives.
She found discreditable motives for everyone who would not take her at her own estimate of herself.
An elderly and apparently intoxicated peasant in a shiny black hat, and carrying a large crimson umbrella, caught sight of it first as it trailed past him, and was seized with a discreditable ambition to kill it.
Deuce knows," said Caleb, who never referred the knowledge of discreditable doings to any higher power than the deuce.
If we decline altogether to sanction this new act--I won't say, of insanity, I will say, of absurdity--on his part, it is impossible to predict to what discreditable extremities he may not proceed.
A week later John took me to the house of his prospective father-in- law, and in Miss Margovan, as you have already surmised, but to my profound astonishment, I recognized the heroine of that discreditable adventure.
or had she only surmised that her adopted daughter was connected in some discreditable manner with the mystery of "Mercy Merrick"?
Edmund Waller (1606-1687), a very wealthy gentleman in public life who played a flatly discreditable part in the Civil War, is most important for his share in shaping the riming pentameter couplet into the smooth pseudo-classical form rendered famous by Dryden and Pope; but his only notable single poems are two Cavalier love-lyrics in stanzas, 'On a Girdle' and 'Go, Lovely Rose.
Another discreditable feature is, that, for a like reason, they are incapable of carrying on any war.
No one will say it is unmanly to be captivated by a woman, or, being captivated, to marry her; and the admiration, the delight, the passion, the wonder, the unbounded confidence, and frantic adoration with which, by degrees, this big warrior got to regard the little Rebecca, were feelings which the ladies at least will pronounce were not altogether discreditable to him.
Consummate daring and extraordinary nerve on his part, aided, doubtless, by some little presence of mind on mine, averted the untoward result; and no more need be said of a discreditable incident.
You shall take the whole responsibility of this discreditable settlement on your own shoulders before I leave the room.