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IMMEDIATELY before castigating Mr Gray for referencing a supposed global warming "discredited scam", Mr Bennett again repeats the utterly discredited "97% of scientists" mantra.
On the 7DAYSCeFacebook page, parents pointed out the MMR claims have been discredited
ETYK said it was not its intention to deal with who was responsible for the present crisis but it felt the need to condemn any action that discredited the institutions and deepened the values crisis plaguing Cyprus.
Prefrontal lobotomy is perhaps the most infamous of many discredited treatments that were introduced as a great solution to severe brain disorders such as schizophrenia.
He is also discredited with the illegal amendment No.
The corollary may be that, in Britain, incompetent and discredited politicians may remain too long in office, if they do not stray from their wives or regular partners.
The Orange Institution branded the decision an indictment of a discredited organisation but appealed for peace on the streets.
in 2002, may be discredited based on new evidence, reports (http://news.
It is a discredited model," he said, referring to the system in which small loans are made to people who do not have access to the mainstream banking system.
What hypocrisy from a former and discredited Government Minister.
Of recent 'official investigations' the blame for the Mull of Kintyre helicopter crash, which had originally been put upon the pilots, has been discredited.