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As well, a closer treatment of the relation of the inheritance of natural law by classical political economy would complicate the story the author wishes to tell about the appeal to scientific authority and discreetness via Smith's "invisible hand" (67).
First, regardless of official proclamations about cases' discreetness, the past's irrelevance, and pragmatism's ascendance, U.
There was even a period when some basically conservative individuals in Western universities felt beleaguered on a range of issues, both internal and external to university life--and behaved as if discreetness was the better part of valor.
Mr Algar said: ``Credit Suisse is renowned for its discreetness and confidentiality which is the hallmark of the Swiss banking system.
In such comparisons, the credit bureaus excel in reliability and discreetness.
Significantly, the fide of Claude-Edmonde Magny's widely hailed study of the "new" American fiction was L'Age du roman americain, and she extolled the exciting characteristics of that fiction in terms that echoed her praise of Wright's style--"the breathless rhythm of the narration, the more precipitous pace of the telling as the characters are inexorably carried along to the final catastrophe, the art of recounting horrible facts without undue emphasis, that of making them still more obsessive through this very discreetness.
He asserts himself strongly throughout the collectively played portions of Stockyard Strut, but on both versions of Salty Dog he additionally shows a sensitivity to discreet improvisation and orchestral balance: at a point when clarinetist Johnny Dodds takes the lead, Keppard gives Dodds plenty of space and enters only to develop a soft, sparse motive; moments later, he shows a similar discreetness, complementing rather than dominating, in providing an instrumental commentary behind Papa Charlie Jackson's singing.
Regulation according to Oxford Concise Dictionary means authoritative direction and prudential means marked with prudence or discreetness.
People seeking hearing solutions for the first time rank discreetness as a key motivating feature.
A notable trend in this market is the increasing popularity of UI devices that are minimally invasive, offer greater convenience and discreetness as well as reduction in cases of subsequent infection, lowering costs of further treatment.
Solid construction and the addition of a rubberized cover on most binoculars have increased their shock resistance and durability, while various nonreflective finishes have enhanced their discreetness.
Although Stanley Kowalski calls himself "a one-hundred-per-cent American" (I: 374), his lack of refined manners, restraint, and discreetness is explained by Stella as due to his Polish origin (I: 256) and she therefore marginalizes him in this menage a troi: "Blanche and I grew up under very different circumstances than you did" (I: 358).