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Toshiba's discrete solutions cover a wide breadth of products including optoelectronics, optical communications devices, logic ICs, small signal, microwave, radio frequency (RF) ICs, and medium- and high-power devices.
ITT (NYSE: ITT) with manufacturing operations based in Frelburg, markets internationally a broad range of state-of-the-art semiconductor devices in addition to its discrete product line.
The reorganization gives us the ability to better concentrate appropriate resources on addressing the very different needs of discrete and process manufacturers.
Founded in 1969, the company's products include discrete semiconductors, power and wireless integrated circuits, and microcontrollers.
China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) statistics show that 66 billion units of discrete semiconductors were produced in mainland China and Taiwan in 2004.
CIMNET's proprietary products, Factelligence(R) Industrial Portal(TM) and DNC Professional(TM), are used by discrete and process manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, discrete, pharmaceutical, medical devices, metal processing, food and beverage and consumer packaged goods industries.
When compared to SFA or FIA, discrete analyzers offer several advantages.
The nonwoven web has on its surface a pattern of continuous bonded areas defining a first plurality of discrete unbonded areas and a second plurality of discrete unbonded areas.
In particular, it treats the case in which a discrete state coexists in the same energy region as a continuum of states, and accounts for the interaction between the discrete and continuum states, and the interference between their separate excitation amplitudes.
The Rosemount 848L Logic Transmitter is designed for cost-effective integration of logic and discrete I/O capability on a Foundation fieldbus H1 segment, without the need for a separate discrete I/O bus.
Four discrete linear regulators are replaced by the ISL6505, along with their associated components.

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