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Displacement of each spring is independent of the other due to the discrete nature of the springs, and is related only to the contact pressure at that point.
Repeatable temperature and flow performance: Since a discrete chiller is close-coupled to the process, the fluid flow and temperature are consistent and not dependent on other machines operating in the plant, providing more consistent production rates and process quality.
10) Presentation as a discrete mass is unusual, particularly in the absence of any involvement of other organ systems.
I suggest a particular physical model of fundamental fermions based upon these finite subgroups in the discrete geometry.
When EST Analytical began marketing its Konelab discrete analyzers to environmental laboratories in 2002, it found an industry unfamiliar with the technology.
3/2] + free electron; b) discrete spectrum terms represented by the (jj coupling) formula ([p.
Huang, 1983, "Option Pricing in a Lognormal Securities Market with Discrete Trading--A Comment", Journal of Financial Economics, 12:285-286
Typical discrete solutions utilize various on-board regulators for LAN/GbE, VCC-VID, PCI slots, Universal Serial Bus, keyboard, and mouse consisting of voltage references, resistors, capacitors, op amps, diodes, bipolar and MOS transistors.
Taitron, based in Valencia, distributes a wide variety of transistors, diodes and other discrete semiconductors, optoelectronic devices and components utilized by other electronic distributors, original equipment manufacturers and contract electronic manufacturers.
In eight sections, the contributors share views from the classroom, ways to achieve broader goals, definitions of discrete mathematics, methods of integrating discrete mathematics into K-8 and 9-12 classrooms, descriptions of high school courses on discrete mathematics, the relationship to computer science, and resources for the teacher.
The discreteness of areas and volumes found [in our work] supports and strengthens the evidence for the existence of a discrete, short-scale structure of space.

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