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level of discreteness and the scale of interactivity between software
detail in Part III, scope discreteness does not correlate with the use
It indicates that it is easier to obtain high reliability index when discreteness of the permissible limit of settlement is small.
Chlorinated hydrocarbon concentrations and their use for describing population discreteness in harbor porpoises from Washington, Oregon, and California.
In the previous section, the quantum fluctuations on the metric [4] were related to the discreteness of the space-time.
The nine design features are (1) mode of communication, (2) semanticity, (3) pragmatic function, (4) interchangeability, (5) cultural transmission, (6) arbitrariness, (7) discreteness, (8) displacement, and (9) productivity.
This method does not provide definite information about genetic discreteness of stocks but presents phenotypic expressions of the interactions between genotypic and environmental influences, indicating geographically or reproductively isolated stocks (Ihssen et al.
Consequently, the refinement of 90 m SRTM data to 30 m resolution had a larger discreteness of the results and caused a decrease of the topographic factor's average rates.
This is likely due to the enhanced features pads offer today, including increased performance and discreteness," says Theresa White, senior executive officer at Greeley, Colo-based Natracare, which markets a line of natural and organic products.
19) Interestingly, in light of Barad's project, Nancy suggests what needs to be thought is the "discreteness that one could call quantum discreteness, borrowing from physics the discreteness of material quanta, makes up the world as such, the 'finite' world liable to sense" (2007, page 62).
3) The discreteness of welding SMA connector also affects pattern and reflection coefficient of the antenna.