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According to the two-stage Simar and Wilson (2007) procedure, the efficiency coefficients for each municipality were obtained in the first stage in the assessment that exclusively considers discretional variables.
Similar to the requirement for discussion, the other measurement of interactivity, variable "mail", was strictly discretional and subject to student decision and preference.
It is ironical to formulate laws with discretional version and hysteria where one wonders about who is targeting who when looking at the due process and principles of proportionality as per each case since they differ in nature and style, it is realised today that we in lakes state are in a state of emergency
The concept of discretional decision-making is one of the main issues in administrative law (Galigan, 1986).
vehicle population within the LTZ, although in a very discretional and
In addition, the same political body has the discretional power to promote specific interventions if the question of the adequacy and compatibility of the implementation measures are raised for a developing country.
The commercial sheetfed market, on the other hand, is one that has more of a discretional component to it in most cases.
On the resort side of things we try to operate hideaways, which we think will appeal to discretional leisure or luxury spenders.
He defines discretional asset sales as amount of total asset sales and tests relation between income from asset sales and earnings per share (EPS).
One in ten people now spends 90 per cent of their pay on essential outgoings, leaving just ten per cent for discretional spending, following recent hikes in the cost of living.
Examples of direct factors include the existence of regulations, licenses or authorizations, taxes, decisions on government expenditure, and supply of goods and services with prices below market clearing levels, among other discretional decisions.
If that is true, then economic development should not be funded by discretional dollars, he said.