discretionary order

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In this case the time line has always been a critical element of the outcome since it is a presidential discretionary order," Muzaffar Chishti, an attorney and director of the Migration Policy Institute's office at New York University School of Law, told the Tribune in October.
The order will be treated as a discretionary order, as follows: IB will round the order (down for a bid and up for an offer) to the nearest nickel increment (or dime depending on the premium) and send the nickel-priced order to an options exchange so that it will be working (in this example, IB will send an order to an exchange to buy 10 XYZ at $2.
This financing will constitute a "trade" in the security and the transaction cannot take place unless a prospectus has been filed and a receipt issued by the Alberta Securities Commission, unless an exemption is available or a discretionary order pursuant to the Act is obtained.
New Discretionary Order Type will Allow Traders More Control over Order Display
TSX VENTURE:TTL), is pleased to announce that it has been designated a reporting issuer in the Province of Ontario, pursuant to a discretionary order.
The Company is also pleased to announce that it has been designated a reporting issuer in the Province of Ontario pursuant to a discretionary order.
Cole includes everything from changes in the Chain of Command, the arrival of lesser commands, communication styles, insufficient instructions, discretionary orders, the disregarding of orders, failed notifications, communication cutoffs, and so much more.
Ewell discretionary orders to take the Federal position on Cemetery Hill "if practicable.
Dark Match pricing does not apply to displayed orders, reserve orders, or discretionary orders.
Advanced Order Types: Instinet Trading Portal allows traders to employ advanced order types such as market pegging, reserve size orders, hidden orders, auction orders and discretionary orders to Instinet Trading Portal's blotter.