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if successful, would be a precedent for the constitutionality of similar depressive exactions on enterprises paying less than a prescribed minimum wage, working labor more than a prescribed number of hours per day or per week, failing to comply with standards of safety or with any other police tests laid down by Congress as a discrimen between taxability and non-taxability.
2] quod ita commode vertas: in albo lapide alba linea, videlicet quae nullum faciat discrimen.
genitalis illa uis anime, utpote cognitionis expers, sexuum nullum habet discrimen, natura tamen sua totiens incitatur ad generandum, quotiens formosum corpus aliquod iudicamus.
In this dynamic movement between church and culture, theology finds its discrimen, its distinct and decisive criterion.
1] is enim Licinum quendam a philosophiae studiis conatur avertere propter inextricabile philosophorum discrimen.