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Blacks are the group most perceived as discriminated against in the following areas:
A quarter of those say they have used someone's age against them while 21 per cent have discriminated against someone because of their race.
Noting that "economically speaking, the effect of a tax benefit or burden is the same," the court agreed with the plaintiffs and held the investment tax credit discriminated against interstate commerce.
Auditory and kinesthetic modalities significantly discriminated between the Bruneian students in high-performing and low-performing primary schools (Table 7).
If you feel you've been discriminated against, take good notes of your interview session and then consider consulting an attorney," says Nancy Segal, JD (legal director of Families That Work: The Program on Gender, Work & Family at American University's Washington College of Law).
I feel personally discriminated against by the refusal of the British Red Cross Society to acknowledge Christmas.
Second, Heyking pointed out that Halpern relied on the claim that "gays and lesbians" felt discriminated against, quite ignoring the fact that, if they were to rule on that basis, they would have to reckon with the equal and opposite fact that "what was sauce for the goose was sauce for the gander" (not his words), and that heterosexuals' feelings were automatically at stake.
Recognizing that this proposed change in the rule is intended to prevent Web site cramming, Wasch noted that new developments in the delivery of software and digital content would be unfairly discriminated against.
SINCE 2000 over 560 cases of discrimination have been brought by travellers against publicans because they feel they were discriminated against by being refused a drink.
EMPLOYEES who believe they have been sexually discriminated against at work because of their gender now get a new legal right at employment tribunals as from yesterday.
If you have been discriminated against by Abercrombie or have been discouraged from applying, or if you have witnessed discrimination by Abercrombie, we want to hear from you.
It is particularly troubling that a church that wanted to help the San Diego community deal with the trauma and tragedy of recent school violence was spurned and discriminated against.