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Whereas 64% of all loyalty cases came from armed forces with discriminatively selected officers, 61% of all disloyal cases came from militaries with 'fairly' selected officers.
Any part of an utterance which discriminatively tacts any aspect of the controlling variables and their relation to primary operants is an autoclitic.
The auditory nerve then "propagate[s] to the brain a different form of excitement according as the beats [received on the tympanum] are few or many," and according to "extremely minute differences of pitch [that] impress themselves discriminatively on the fibres" (p.
at 119 (distinguishing equal protection claims based on facially neutral policies applied discriminatively from claims based on policies containing express racial classifications).
Intermittent reinforcement of discriminatively controlled responses and runs of responses.
After that selected features are extracted from the normalized signature images that discriminatively represent the personalized signatures.