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Grace's rhetorical representation of plot "normalizes" the experiences of women of the lower classes, and her narrative builds from the common assumption that these experiences are discursively relevant as the basis for narrative construction.
How is it, an actualized mode of organization of a physical being, such that that being produces discursively structured thought and action, itself generated as a natural result of the activity of a merely physical soul, initially only sensible and the locus of physical qualities and physical alternations, and then the activity of a feeling soul, organized to have sensations and to develop an initial self-feeling in relation to them?
The intelligibility of works of art and of literature is therefore made possible, for Ranciere, in the first place, by the "horizontal" relation between these works, on the one hand, and the contemporaneous philosophical-theoretical works discursively articulating their conditions of comprehensibility, on the other.
Laclau and Mouffe and other new discourse theorists see political (and economic) structures as discursively constructed.
I propose that when fathering talk is examined discursively, we can begin to move away from static enduring constructions to alternative epistemologies acknowledging the complexity of work-family integration and the fluidity of fathering identities.
Robert Zacharias calls for a concerted effort toward the "critical professionalization" of graduate students, a process that might productively empower these members of the university community to understand and critique how their role is discursively defined.
Indeed, these representations are an avenue through which dominant societies discursively assume control over indigenous cultures, using them as primary material to stage a variety of ideological fantasies.
The first of these texts demonstrates how the Dalai Lama was able to discursively construct the narrative history of Tibet in such a way as to exonerate himself from any culpability in colluding with Mongolian forces to brutally suppress bKa'-brgyud and Bon opposition to dGe-lugs-pa hegemony.
Thaxton is thus pessimistic about the party's attempt to discursively control memories of the Great Leap Forward through the strategy of yiku sitian (remembering the bitter past and savoring the sweet present)--in other words, by viewing past hardships through the glory of the Communist present.
also illustrate how established, discursively "naturalized" authority to control gender and sexuality produces a systematic failure to afford incarcerated queer people basic rights to health and safety.
His prose is never overblown, and the story unfolds discursively and, for the most part, convincingly.
Countries and people in the South are discursively positioned as serving the learning and personal growth needs of people in the North.