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Martim Smolka, director of the Program on Latin America and the Caribbean at the Lincoln Institute, will chair a session on housing in the international context, with independent consultant Eduardo Rojas examining the Latin America experience from 1960 to 2010, and Stephen Malpezzi of the University of Wisconsin-Madison as the discussant.
Finally, the subject of socioeconomic stratification and housing, in a session chaired by Joan Youngman, chairman of the Department of Valuation and Taxation at the Lincoln Institute, will be examined by Evan McKenzie, University of Illinois at Chicago, and discussant Gerald Korngold, of New York Law School.
Although it is clear that men and women often respond differently to toxicants, the discussants agreed that predicting just how the sexes will respond, and when they will respond differently, has not proved simple because, Silverstone said, of the limited amount of data at this time.