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MacArthur was imperious, opinionated, and disdainful of authority, but he was also a master of both grand and operational strategy.
However, a disdainful slap down the ground, and the Little Master seemed to find his mojo back, with the capacity crowd, watching the Mumbai Indians chase down 154 against Trinidad & Tobago in the Champions League T20 semifinals, cheering every single run that poured out of the bat of Tendulkar.
The report said: "This disdainful attitude towards scrutiny by Parliament, as well as an indication of a clear oversensitivity to criticism, from a politician elected by less than 8% of the electorate, who had managed to side-step the statutory arrangements for local scrutiny of his decision to sack the chief constable, is further evidence.
Looking at David Cameron's public school face and listening to his posh voice when being interviewed about serious issues such as the ongoing crisis in Syria reminds me of the Jeeves and Wooster upper class and disdainful characters in PG Woodhouse's stories, characters who knew nothing about real life but just lived in their own contented world oblivious to realism.
the answer is 'No"' - Lord Heseltine's disdainful response when told that Chancellor George Osborne YOUR EVENING CHRONICLE: If you have any queries regarding the quality of production of this newspaper, please do not hesitate to contact our Newspaper Sales Department on 0191 201 6095 or write to the Newspaper Sales Department, NCJMEDIA, Groat Market, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1ED.
Modigliani's Madame Z, with her elongated neck, and disdainful, half-shut eyes, a haunting figure, is the Mona Lisa of Birmingham.
Perhaps retirement would be ideal for a supercilious and overbearing, arrogant, puffed up, swell-headed, inflated, high and mighty, stuck up, toffee-nosed, nose in the air snob, haughty, disdainful, holier than thou, ungracious, strutting, swaggering, pleased as punch, bumptious, conceited, pompous dolt on a bike.
The Premier League returns with Boylesports milking the crisis at Aston Villa, who travel to Fulham accompanied by a disdainful 15-4 quote.
I wonder what benefit both nations get by making such derogatory drawings and disdainful films.
The amusingly disdainful Julian Clary looks like there's nowhere on the planet he'd rather be less.
The story is still one of a contented mouse, enjoying life in the country and the natural pattern of the seasons, until a fine, sleek cousin comes to stay, disdainful of his country bumpkin cousin's life.
Suggestive of Monty Python, evocative of Scots novelist William Boyd ("A Good Man in Africa") and generally disdainful of modern stereotypes and patriarchal white-man-on-the dark-continent stories, Lavinia Curriers film has the kind of free-wheeling sensibility and contempt for conformity that could give it theatrical traction--even if, as regards just about anything in the specialty arena, the current climate seems particularly hostile.