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After this, Mrs Lammle looked disdainfully at the skeleton--but without carrying the look on to Mr Lammle--and drooped her eyes.
Criquette Head-Maarek's stable flag-bearer looked absolutely stunning as she disdainfully brushed aside her rivals to literally canter home a winner.
In 2010 the then Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, disdainfully disowned S4C and dispatched it, like an unwanted child, to the care of the BBC.
In the early part of his political journey, Nehru didn't appreciate the political negotiations between his father and Jinnah, and after the 1937 elections Nehru dismissed Jinnah disdainfully when the latter wanted to have a Congress- Muslim League alliance.
Accustomed to the noise, Bella would sit and wait, ignoring disdainfully any other dogs, as she was unquestionably queen of the castle.
He even disdainfully cited the opposite view of Secretary of State John Kerry, who gushed that the recently deceased Saudi leader was "a man of wisdom and vision.
Poyet seems to find more pro-active football - which he disdainfully calls "craziness" and "kick and rush" - beneath him.
Seconds after Kumar Sangakkara disdainfully smashed Harry Gurney back over his head to complete an emphatic eight-wicket win, Pietersen (below) gave his damning assessment.
It is an elegant plant with flowers whose tall, black central cones launch themselves upwards as its long petals droop downwards disdainfully.
How embarrassing this must be for the pen-pushing and number-crunching senior officers of West Midlands Police, swift to portray the force as outstanding and swifter still to disdainfully reject any word of criticism.
Holder was pummeled for a six over midwicket, flicked disdainfully into the stands at square-leg and pulled viciously for a hat-trick of sixes.