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Ann disdainfully holds a replica gun and (left) Mohammed Sabir who died in a hail of bullets just yards from her home
As a sibling pair, Nicolas and Giovanni Lapentti disdainfully dismissed Lloyd's pre-match notion that South American claycourt specialists were incapable of performing on grass.
When Allen, singing this role for the first time, enters the fray, he lifts his citified foot disdainfully, looks at what apparently he's trod in and underscores the word ``rustico.
Sources close to the Leader of the House say he is seething over his humiliation at the hands of Tony Blair on Wednesday when the Prime Minister disdainfully dismissed his proposals for an elected House of Lords.
One colleague on seeing this book left casually on my desk remarked disdainfully that Roxy represented the final triumph of style over content, a commonly held fallacy that mistakes those who followed in Roxy's wake, all the facile Duranies and Spandaus, for the richly ironic, multi-layered real thing.
Lawyers,'' the 62-year-old retired engineer said, disdainfully.
He spoke disdainfully about Cheney - who got his call-up deferred five times and has since claimed he had "other priorities".
Or that she is arrogantly and disdainfully withholding the explanation of her bizarre actions because she believes she is not accountable to the people of this country.
Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth - which disdainfully ridicules Trainspotting culture as "passe" and is possessed with the kind of effortless soaring harmonies blueprinted by The Byrds - was thrown away early.
Brown said: "For David Moffett to have dismissed the petition so disdainfully is pathetic.
I was then asked, almost disdainfully, if I was willing to make a one-off donation.
Buzz was a Cobain-counterfeit that even Bush would disdainfully turn up their noses at and the brand new Disco was a similarly dismal attempt at thrash metal.