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Table 2 summarises the gene expression of each disease cluster on which the potential of adverse events are majorly based.
A classic example of a disease cluster is in Anniston, Alabama, where residents experienced cancerous, non-cancerous, thyroid and neurodevelopment effects that they believe were caused by releases of various chemicals, including PCBs.
2000; Song and Kulldorff 2003), additional studies of this nature should allow for clearer guidelines on methods usage for the epidemiologist and other disease cluster investigators.
Once avian flu enters a country, prophylaxis of a population near a disease cluster, closing schools and workplaces to limit the opportunity for the virus to spread, and prevaccinating children under age 16 would reduce the number of cases but not prevent the spread of the virus, Dr.
Three disease clusters each with > 30 observations were extracted: AMOY, Prince of Wales Hospital (PWH), and Lower Ngau Tau Kok Housing Estate (NTKLOW).
We found identical genotypes over different years, indicating that tularemia overwinters at the disease cluster sites.
The term disease cluster is poorly defined but implies an excess of cases above some background rate bounded in time and space.
In addition to these societal recommendations, the report contains recommendations for actions for healthy living and healthy aging that individuals can take to reduce the risks for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and other diseases of the Western disease cluster.
The aim of this study was to determine if the cases in this disease cluster were related.
A meningococcal disease cluster is regarded as an aggregation of cases caused by the same bacterial strain closely grouped in space and time.
If a smoldering disease cluster does flame out of control, the software also could be used to estimate the important characteristics of the virus -- such as its transmissibility, secondary-attack rate and reproductive number -- which would give public-health officials a better chance at slowing its spread until a vaccine or other effective control measures could be implemented.
Williams also helped establish the National Disease Cluster Alliance, which seeks to help communities investigate cancer clusters in children, as well as other grave health problems caused in part or in full by environmental degradation.