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And hence, it has also become essential tool for rapid epidemiological mapping, disease surveillance, health monitoring, systematic surveying, sampling design, disease control programs, and intervention measures disease transmission control and management at the local as well as national level.
A rheumatic heart disease control program ideally would be operated with local staff members and include measures demonstrated to be successful in controlling acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease in other high-risk areas, with particular emphasis on timely diagnosis and treatment of group A streptococcal pharyngitis (3).
A major focus of his research is implementation of Bayesian spatial modeling and prediction to enhance planning of real-world, large-scale tropical infectious disease control programs.
However, the applied GIS and remote sensing have not only become essential tool in mapping the both vertical and horizontal epidemiological information, disease surveillance, health monitoring, surveying, sampling design, disease control programs, predicting the disease transmission, and most importantly, incorporated the ge0spatial epidemiological analysis of proximity, similarity, geometry, and cognitive of the disease incidence and the socioeconomic and the ecological variables.
2011) attempted to characterize it as a minority view while ignoring national malaria control programs and ministers of health who repeatedly proclaim the importance of DDT for disease control programs in countries with high incidence of malaria.
His research interests include public health decision making, economic evaluation of infectious disease control programs, and mathematical modeling of infectious diseases.
Shirley Fannin, director of disease control programs for the county Department of Health Services, catches the virus.
Chronic disease control programs should consider prevention of NIDDM as an additional approach to reduce ESRD and other complications of diabetes[9,10].