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Similarly, in low-grade dysplasia, RFA upon disease progression to high-grade dysplasia also bested the strategy of surveillance until cancer and esophagectomy, resulting in 0.
The authors concluded that depression is common and is an independent predictor of disease progression and death among HIV-infected African women.
The study results suggest that greater viral genetic diversity in early HIV infection could be a mechanism by which hormonal contraception affects viral load and, ultimately, disease progression, says Dr.
Risk factors for tuberculous disease progression itself have also been studied.
Also, if we understood how depression and anxiety (the biochemical changes that are most easily recognized by their mental effects) act to speed disease progression, we might find new mechanisms for pharmaceutical intervention to slow disease development and increase overall health.
An important point to also consider is that interferon has certain properties that allow it to slow down liver disease progression even if the viral load is not reduced.
Approved November 17, 1995 for the treatment of Kaposi's sarcoma in AIDS patients who are intolerant to or have disease progression on prior combination chemotherapy.
The study will compare the time to disease progression in the two different treatment groups.
The ISCTM meeting Advances in the Conceptualization of Disease Progression in Alzheimer's Disease-An Interdisciplinary Conference, will prove an immensely valuable follow up to ICAD for scientists, clinical trialists, pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities worldwide who are trying to make our research endeavors more efficient and effective.
MethylScreen assays provide critical clinical information about disease progression using blood serum and other easily collected patient samples.
BERLIN -- A portrait is emerging of the osteoarthritis patient at risk for rapid disease progression, Tim D.