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Scripted by Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond, Bill enthusiastically dons doublet and hose to run amok through the disease-ridden streets frequented by Oscar-winning romantic comedy Shakespeare In Love.
IRELAND is being infested by swarms of disease-ridden flies spreading salmonella and vomiting bugs, experts have warned.
The HIPAA-compliant, Cloud-based video technology offers an effective way to provide high-quality, low-cost medical care to home-based seniors, rural communities and patients who want to avoid disease-ridden waiting rooms and late-night visits to the ER.
Most of England is now devoid of red squirrels due largely to their being killed off by the virus, and now there is a very real threat the flourishing population of red squirrels in Scotland will be likewise badly affected as the disease-ridden greys continue their relentless march north through Cumbria and Northumberland.
UltraSlide Slideboards are sustainably made in the USA using recycled materials, including reclaimed wood from disease-ridden ash trees and recycled tires.
Factory-farmed animals are fed a steady diet of drugs to keep them alive in filthy, disease-ridden sheds, which are a breeding ground for new strains of bacteria and viruses, all passed on to the consumer of their flesh, something that Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has called a "ticking timebomb", as serious as terrorism.
According to the Daily Star, there are only thousands of disease-ridden rodents that are on the 40-year-old vessel.
If you want to eat disease-ridden unidentifiable muck, then stick to meat.
The proposed graphic tobacco warnings included disturbing photos, such as a corpse, disease-ridden lungs, and rotting teeth.
The buildings are notoriously crowded and disease-ridden.
Litter makes our streets dirty and unpleasant, but more disturbingly it also attracts rats and other disease-ridden pests.
Okay, it's not quite as much fun as shooting disease-ridden rats with pop guns, but what is?