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A new paper published in the International Journal of Epidemiology says that randomized controlled trials (the gold standard method of evaluation) show that few currently available screening tests for major diseases where death is a common outcome have documented reductions in disease-specific mortality.
Additional analysis indicated that compared with patients younger than 65 years, disease-specific mortality increased with age for patients ages 65 to 74 years and patients 75 years or older.
4%) had died, with absolute reductions in all-cause and disease-specific mortality of approximately 3% in the radical prostatectomy group compared with observation.
She said disease-specific mortality alerts, sent by the Healthcare Commission (HCC) were not passed on to the health authority by either the trust or the HCC.
A report published in the British Journal of Nutrition revealed a protective effect for a number of antioxidant nutrients against allcause and disease-specific mortality in older individuals over a 13-year average period.