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The Foreign Ministry said that submitting disembarkation cards would mean Tokyo accepts Moscow's claim that Kunashiri Island belongs to Russia.
On long-haul flights, airberlin passengers enjoy 20 percent extra leg room for improved comfort and faster boarding and disembarkation on 48 XL seats per aircraft.
The jetty being constructed by the port will facilitate smooth berthing of passenger boats and embarkation/ disembarkation of passengers at the island.
Contract awarded for Gyeongbu Geumcheon-gu Office Station disembarkation packaging and other solid home construction
Passengers taking domestic flights must be at the airport at least two hours before flight departure and for those taking international flights, at least three hours before, Traveling light will mitigate stress; avoid bringing heavy suitcases and hand-carry luggage, All travel documents (ticket / passport / boarding pass / disembarkation / arrival cards) must be in one s possession and easily retrievable, Aerosols and gels more than 100ML in volume should be placed in check in baggage, Flight status can be checked by calling PAL Hotline (02) 855- 8888 or by logging on to www.
Maintenance of mobile passenger boarding and disembarkation of passengers.