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The new Regulation strengthens the protection of fundamental rights, including the application of the principle of non-refoulement in case of disembarkation in a third country.
The ARS scientists are now testing the air curtain's ability to blow hitchhiking insects back into the airplane cabin during passenger disembarkation.
Renovation work lasted 13 months, and included some immediately perceptible benefits such as:A[cedilla] Streamlined access: Boarding and disembarkation are made faster and easier thanks to clearly defined areas.
But while Ayahs were also employed by families on ships returning from Britain to India, on disembarkation in Britain, far from being seen as indispensable, they were dismissed.
Evacuees of all physical abilities may access the system with equal ease; the entire process of boarding on the floors to disembarkation at street level takes about 4 minutes.
In SWA, Bell served as the 595th Transportation Group's battle captain in the brigade-level tactical operations center at the sea point of disembarkation in Kuwait, where her duties included maintaining a common operational picture for U.
For those who wish to party on, the latest disembarkation time is 11.
Stena Plus offers you express boarding and disembarkation, an exclusive on-board lounge with comfortable seating and a wide range of complimentary refreshments to enjoy.
Scott Bender apparently slept through the landing as well as the disembarkation and he claims that the crew failed to wake him up and did not adequately check the cabin before turning off the lights and leaving the aircraft.
Howard said there was a clear obligation under international law for the rescued passengers to be taken to the nearest feasible point of disembarkation, which would have been Marak.
6) The attenuated columns of the floating theater frame the right edge of Andrea Vicentino's immense painting of Morosina's disembarkation [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2 OMITTED], anchoring the crowd of vessels that serve as a chaotic counterpoint to the perspectival organization of the city's architecture.
Although the passengers began boarding at 9pm, Parsons claimed the announcement that the flight would not be leaving did not come until 2am, and there then followed another two-hour wait before disembarkation was completed.