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Under the arrangement shuttle would be started from stadium to disembarking points, from disembarking points to parking areas.
Apart from this, after the flight reached its destination, the passengers were told to wait another half an hour before they could start disembarking.
The ROP also has advised families and bus administrators to educate students about the best practices to avoid danger while boarding and disembarking from the bus.
Jam-packed compartments, lack of availability of places to sit and unruly behaviour of passengers -- especially while embarking and disembarking -- are some of the complaints made by passengers.
There were major delays at Stansted airport yesterday, after passengers disembarking from a Ryanair flight inadvertently entered the airport through a door that had been left open in error.
Once, disembarking at Llandudno, passengers would have travelled on to other destinations along the Welsh coast by omnibus and by train.
Almost three weeks elapsed since cruise ships discontinued berthing at the facility for fear of passengers disembarking on the island contracting the virus.
Summary: After disembarking in the US, Qatar-based Al Jazeera is continuing to expand globally with the upcoming launch of a U.
The Estate said: "The Agency had received a tip-off regarding a suspicious group of people disembarking from two fishing trawlers.
Hot and tired passengers disembarking from the cruise ship Costa Allegra
The Japanese government is planning to let airlines decide whether to allow passengers to use cellphones in the cabin during boarding and disembarking from April 1, officials said Tuesday.
or disembarking in maritime ports in the EU has remained relatively stable at