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If a passenger swiped the Nol card before disembarking the bus, then the fine is valid according to the law number three of 2009 for regulating public transport.
Total quantity or scope: 1) 1pc ambulift - truck for transportation and boarding / disembarking passengers with disabilities and those with reduced mobility, according to the requirements of the specification;
All Nippon Airways said it plans to remove a ban on cellphones during boarding and disembarking from that day, while Japan Airlines said it intends to consider what to do in light of customers' comfort and convenience.
In 2009, the highest numbers of passengers embarking or disembarking in
Upon disembarking in the airport, the two journalists were interrogated twice and, since the afternoon, they were locked up in a hall in the airport under the surveillance of six policemen, the source added.
Southwest Airlines is launching the new service at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport for Customers disembarking at the Port of Miami and Port Everglades.
For others, the option of disembarking to enjoy a range of soft outdoor adventure and cultural experiences would seem to have tremendous appeal.
Upon disembarking in London, I checked into The Dorchester hotel on Park Lane--the epitome of sophistication.
Since no other exposure could be found within 10 days of onset for patients B and C, their probable source of infection is contact with patient A while in flight, boarding, or disembarking flight AF 171.
After disembarking at the Ferry Landing Marketplace, you can catch the 904 shuttle bus at First and B streets.
The 35-year-old was arrested at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi on 25 March 2002 after disembarking from a Kenya Airways flight from Mumbai, India.
18 Kyodo The Fukuoka municipal government has banned since September crew of Chinese vessels that transport fresh fish to Hakata port from disembarking, in an attempt to control a recent influx of illegal immigrants, city officials said Thursday.